Photography at the wedding

We are not using an official photographer so would like people with cameras to take as many pics as possible!

During the ceremony

Take pictures, just do it. Use your judgement about when is appropriate but generally as long as we don’t get a constant blitz it’s fine. If you want to move about, you are free to do so, just try to do it as discreetly as possible. the priest has said it’s totally fine to go up on the balconies at the side and rear, so go for it! Flash is ok too, if anyone is wondering.

We’ll ask at least one person to do a little more… It’s possible to walk around by the altar and take pics facing us while we do our bit. Would be really cool if one person can do that.

After the ceremony

Again we’d like everyone to go nuts with their cameras. We’ll go round to the side of the church where we’ll do our best to get various pictures with different people and groups. After this, we’ll go off and get some “portrait” shots. For this we just want to invite a few people along, preferably those with SLRs… We’ll just wander around the old town to various hot spots. We’d appreciate not having 70 people follow us for this, but if you go for a tour of the old town no doubt we’ll bump into each other.

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