• Is there a dress code for the wedding/reception?
    • Whilst we say “black tie” on the invitations, this is really just something to aim for. As long as everyone dresses smartly, there is no real requirement for bow ties, dinner jackets etc.  Of course Jeans/sportswear is out, but a normal suit (or just trousers, shirt and tie) will pass just fine. Girls of course can get away with pretty much anything… ;o)
  • Will there be a sit-down/formal meal
    • Not likely – we’ll be arranging buffet food. There will still be allocated seating for the first part of the evening (speeches etc).
  • Can I bring my kids (small ones)?
    • The short answer is – it’s fine if you really have to. Mostly this means if you are travelling from England then of course it’s ok to bring them, since it will be crazy to leave them behind. If you live in Norway then it’s much easier to find a baby-sitter for the day. (Very very small babies are another exception – yes I’m talking about you June and your will-be-two-week-old).
  • I haven’t received my invitation, where is it?
    • Well, this is either *awkward* since you haven’t been invited, or it’s lost in the post. Either way, get in touch and we’ll set you straight 🙂
  • Can you book something/ring someone for me?
    • We’ll help as much as we can, but are pretty busy so anything you can do on your own is great! That’s why this website exists really. That said, do shout if you have any problems, we are here to help!

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