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The church for our wedding is “ΓƒΛœstre Fredrikstad kirke”, situated in the old fortified town in Fredrikstad. It’s not quite Marianne’s “local” church, but it’s close enough and the venue provides unique access to the historical surroundings, as well as being located a stones throw from the reception venue.

The building is large enough to seat all of our invited guests.

“Gamle Fredrikstad”  is the best preserved fortress town in the Nordic countries consisting of buildings from the 18th century and and a fortification with walls and moats from the 17th century.

Fredrikstad’s historic Old Town is a dynamic quarter of the city. In addition to the historic buildings, you will find several small shops with designer goods, arts and crafts, furniture, food and curiosities.

Fredrikstad City Museum with its historic city exhibition is also located here, and the flea market every Saturday on the town square is well worth a visit!

We may be able to arrange organised tours of the old town in between the wedding and the reception, when we will most likely be having a photo shoot, or sunbathing.

For the best airborne photos of the venue and surrounding area – check out the maps on gulesider

Here is a pdf map of the area and hotels that might help too πŸ™‚

Reception venue

Fortunately for us, Marianne’s grandfather is a member of a society that owns a hall (Frimurerlosjen) just a few metres away from the church.

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    I agree with Reidun. Great picture opportunities. I hope Russell doesn’t plan on being the only photographer there though!

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    What a great idea! πŸ˜€

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