This will probably be the hardest thing to sort out, so give yourselves plenty of time! We are trying to sort out as much space as we can with friends/family/etc but it is best not to rely on anything like that. It is up to you where you want to stay, to be honest you could stay in a cabin in the middle of Norway some of the time, which would be awesome 🙂 The two places I’ve added below are the places we will be, and therefore the most common choices. There’s a good chance we’ll be in Fredrikstad 1-2 days before the wedding, and we will be there at least on the wedding night. Before/after that we will be in/around Oslo, unless we make plans to do something crazy with some of our visitors 🙂

It’s worth noting that we will have a lot of guests, so I hope you will understand that we will not be able to entertain everyone and show them round. We will do our best though, we’ll just have to see how it goes.



We can (probably) arrange tents for anyone who wants to take this up.

  • Ekeberg camping – located up on the hill, about 10 minutes from Oslo by bus – they seem to have masses of room so no need to book.
  • Bogstad camping – Located a bit further out, behind the Holmenkollen hill, but they have cabins available to rent too.
  • Anker Hostel – Centrally located in Oslo
  • Haraldsheim Hostel – 10 minutes to Oslo by underground/tram/bus and close to where we live


…are expensive! But I’ll try to list some at some point.

  • Linne hotel – Expensive (around £100 a night) but right next to where we live… so worth a mention



  •[no cabins] This is a campsite situated 10 min walk away from the Church and Venue. In addition to camping they offer a motel service with showers etc in the corridor and access to kitchen area. They also have cabins with showers etc that can sleep up to 5-6 people.
    • There are no cabins available so this option is camping only.


  • Gamlebyen Gjestegaard [fully booked] - This is lovely little hotel situated in the Old Town. I ‘Grafgaarden’ all the rooms have their own bathrooms and breakfast is included in the price. They also have a family-room with two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom. In ‘Artillerigaarde’ there are shared bathrooms in the corridor and access to a fully equipped kitchen. Here the breakfast is not included, but can be added for 100 kr per person.
    • This hotel is fully booked but we (me and Mo) have booked a room there that we may not use. It’s ok, but without it’s own bathroom it loses it’s appeal as a “honeymoon suite” so we will more likely hit one of the hotels in the city. Anyone interested in this room, give us a shout!
  • Quality hotel [map][spaces] – Situated just across the water from the old town, for the very adventurous, it is just about possible to walk here from the reception venue (2-3 miles)
  • Hotel Victoria [map][spaces] – Quoted 1195,- including breakfast.
  • Rica City hotel [map][spaces] – Quoted 735,- (single) 985,- (double) 1070,- (triple) 1470,- (family 2+2) all including breakfast.
  • Fredrikstad appartment hotel [map][spaces] – Quoted 3500,- (single) 5000,- (double) 7000,- (triple) for 7 days
    • Worth a look just to marvel at the retro 90s web site complete with animated gif dividers!
  • Various hotels in the City Centre of Fredrikstad - As the City Centre is located on the other side of Glomma (the river running through Fredrikstad) you will either need to walk over the bridge or take a taxi back to the hotel after the reception. It you do decide to stay in the City Centre we can look into the possibility of pre-booking a taxi as they are quite hard to come by in the Old Town. If you would decide to walk it would probably take you 25-30 min.


  • We have a limited resource pool in the form of friends/family who have kindly offered houses/flats that we can use during the weekend for guests. If you can’t (for whatever reason) find your own accommodation, or you would like to make a specific request for one of these spaces, please let us know directly!

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