Updates to travel and accommodation pages

Hi wedding goers!


Based on some feedback from my mom and Steve I have updated the accommodation page. It seems like there will be little chance of staying at the old town inself (unless camping is your preference) but there are plenty of hotels with room in the city, just across the water. The rates are coming in at between 700Kr and 1200Kr but most hotels also include breakfast, and there are some where triple rooms are available, which brings the cost down considerably.

I’ve also mentioned that we may be able to source some accommodation through friends/family – this will be limited but we want everyone to be able to come to the wedding so will do our best to get everyone a bed/floor if necessary!


I’ve added some details about the various airports in/around Oslo to the transport page – please check it out before booking your flights as a small amount of travelling in the UK may save you a bit of time/money when you land in Norway! There are 3 airports to choose from, all with pros and cons – so do a bit of research to match up a UK airport with one of the Oslo ones, the closest aiport in the UK may not necessarily mean the shortest overall journey, and parking/transfer in the UK is generally much cheaper than the extra travelling you may need to do in Oslo.

Also there is no sign of the Birmingham route opening up, however it’s worth holding out for a couple of weeks, I was told it was seasonal and would be back in March! They are already advertising flights that are commencing in May, so I’m not holding my breath for this one.