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Flights from Stansted to Oslo Rygge are currently £9.99 each way with no taxes for the entire week before and after the wedding… That means around £35 return if you travel hand luggage only (easily possible for a weekend).

Stansted is not the easiest airport for most to get to – but for the sake of a bit of driving (2 hours from Brum) and a few quid to park the car (use offsite parking and pay about £20 for a weekend) it’s well worth it! The other benefit is that you’ll fly to Rygge – which is only 20mins from Fredrikstad and an hour from Oslo – so if you are doing (for example) Friday to Monday we will all be in Fredrikstad and can probably pick people up/drop off to/from the airport! That means you have a much easier journey at this end.

There are 2 flights a day every day and so far all the advertised flights are the same price, and all tax free! Don’t delay, book your flight today!

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  1. Tom Fotherby on May 14th, 2010

    Reidun and I have booked our tickets now. We are travelling hand luggage only and worked out at £50 each return (Ryanair charge £40 per bag now!), oh… They also charge £10 per person credit card booking unless you have one of those pre-paid mastercards you can buy from a newsagents etc.

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